Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pleez I Have Nue Hohmz Now?

Similar to what happened during Hurricane Katrina, Iowa pets are finding themselves washed up without a home. Swept unceremoniously away from everything they know, and the companions they love, many animals don't have much of a chance when disaster strikes. Things like malnutrition, electrocution, hypothermia, dehydration, poisoning from polluted flood waters, even stress from being separated from their owners can lead to a sad, unfortunate death.

That's why I was delighted to read that Washington Animal Rescue League was about to relieve the Humane Society of the United States of 28 animals that they would be bringing back here to DC to adopt out. I'm happy about this, yet saddened by two things:
  1. There are still 900 animals being housed at a makeshift shelter set up by the US Humane Society in Iowa- I hope every state is willing to step up like DC and help find these pets new homes...
  2. ...Which takes me to this point...I feel so bad for the owners of these animals, who never get to see their pet again. Never knowing if it lived, or died. That would haunt me forever. Also, the trauma of surviving a flood and being taken away from it's loving family must be awful for the animal as well. Though, better than a waterlogged death I suppose...
Interested in making a difference in the lives of Iowan animals? Donate to the Best Friends Rescue Fund here!

Now here's something to cheer you up (thanks to EmRez for posting this on FB):
more cat pictures


emrez said...

yet again, ms. luce', you bring such joy to my day! what a fabulous blog about such a disheartening issue. everytime i see that lolcat image about heroes i tear up, not kidding you.

Patricia said...

Yay for Luce' blogging!

Thank you for adding another thing for me to read and do besides actual work! :)

I miss you. We should chat. :)