Sunday, August 17, 2008

Women Can Make Their Own Choices? Whaaaaa?

First off, I whole heartedly agreed with my friend when she sent me this link and said, "The love hate relationship with Jezebel continues..." Jezebel has often left a bad taste in my mouth because they seem to not be able to decide if they're into feminism or if they're the kinda chicks who think it's hilarious to rag on other women for making dumb girly choices that no self respecting chica should, a la Female Chauvinist Pigs style.

This time, however, they have definitely touched on a topic that needs more publication and acceptance, to birth or not to birth. AKA Being content fulfilling your womanly duty to the world, or becoming a dried up, cat toting pariah. In this story, the 24 year old woman who chooses to get sterilized finds there is not a happy middle ground for those of us who don't see a "Baby on Board" sign hanging in our future-mobiles.

Honestly, I'm not totally into the mommy thing (mostly because I love spending my money on things like fancy organic food and make-up instead of children), but that's cool because I'm totally accepting and supporting of those who love the pitter patter of little feet. However, I also like to trust and encourage those who aren't looking to fill the world with more unwanted, neglected kids. Additionally, I expect others to also trust women to make decisions that are right for them and their bodies (silly me).

So, why does this woman have to catch so much heat for opting for sterilization? Her mother actually cried when she found out. Cried! A lot of the issue seems to be around her age, but since when is 24 considered too young to make life decisions? If at 24 people can make the life-altering choice to join the armed forces; go to undergrad, graduate, medical, or law school; get a tattoo of a Looney Tunes character; get hitched; or pop out as many rugrats as a uterus will allow, can't we also decide to get sterilized?

Well eff that. We woman are going to birth children if we want them, or we're going to have lots worry-free pleasure focused sex just for fun, or we'll do both because we know better than anyone else what's best for us! Most importantly, we don't become useless when we don't have kids. It's time to get used to that. In the mean time, keep the tears for all the kids that have been born, yet are mistreated, unloved, and forgotten...there's a lot of them and we don't need anymore.

Thanks to Lisa for the link!


emrez said...

dammit, luce'! i just love it when you write :)

tinylisa said...

I second that! This issue is close to my heart, as a woman who has never really considered having kids as much of an option. When i was 5, i told my mom i didn't wanna have kids until i was financially able to support them. With that looking pretty unlikely anytime soon, I would appreciate the option of saying no thanks, whether i do it by social choices or medical ones.