Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rewards for Catching Abusers, Cuz Otherwise Who Would Care, Right?

So for the month of October Crime Stoppers of Huston Texas is offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who turns in a wanted felon with connections to domestic violence. This is one of those seems awesome at first plans, but then turns questionable after a few minutes of mulling it over...
  • First and foremost, yes, this will probably help bring in some abusers that would otherwise get away, and that is truly the most important thing
  • But second, why this is only a month long project? I am irked by the idea that the only time to be vigilant about abusers is during a specified month, as if the rest of the time it's meh
  • And lastly, I resent that there's such a high reward offered like no one would give a fuck otherwise...but it does reflect on a societal ambivalence, most likely due to lack of knowledge...which is why DV awareness month is so important...there! Full circle!
So obvi it's a great project, but I'm apprehensive about the deadline. What do you think?

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