Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jocular Jaunt Overs: When Crime Bites Back Edition

Leave it to DC to punch a dog in the face. An anti-crime dog at that. Okay, to be fair it was half human, half dog, McGruff, who took the shot in the muzzle over the weekend. According to the DC Examiner, the officer dressed up as McGruff, the trench-coated hound that's famous for asking kids to "Take a Bite Out of Crime," was punched in the head by a misguided DC Metro bus driver who later claimed he was trying to be hilarious. Doesn't this Metro employee know that crime doesn't pay? Not even in laughter dollars, a currency that McGruff is evidently rich in since according to his website, he is "world famous for [his] sense of humor." I would lol except today I did learn that he is actually quite the jokester when I played his "How Much Crime Can You Spot" game in which he believes anyone (especially kids) has the ability to shoot at crime (like cigarettes?) as fast it it pops up the screen. The funny part is that it's impossible. To see if the joke's on me, jaunt on over to McGruff.org and try the maddening game for yourself. Try not to knock out any beloved public figures while you're at it.

UPDATE: Turns out this game is only hard when you're using a laptop touchpad...if you've got a mouse, you've got it made.

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tinylisa said...

I will be using the phrase "laughter dollars" from now on. This story is so absurd. People are absurd.