Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I've Been Writing for Another Blog...Jealous?

So I've taken a couple weeks off here to launch a new humor blog with a food focus. It's called What We Eat Is Laughable and 5 of my friends are also contributing to it. There are only a few posts so far, but you can expect (and you will find) product and restaurant reviews, comments on food culture, recipes, how tos, budget meals, cooking videos, entertaining tips, and baking stuff. It will be omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan friendly and will cover a wide range of items so there is something for everyone. Unless you are a serious chef, then perhaps our wackiness may not be your taste - ha! Get it?!!!?? Taste?!!! Food Blog?! Ho-boy, those are the kind of gems you can expect to find on our site. Nothin' but laugh after laugh. Go. Read. Now.


screamwithme said...

duuuuuude, that's a wonderul idea for a blog. there are lot's of close-ups on my facebook, in an album entitled, "May, etc." They were vegan and one had an anarchy symbol! Heeeey-0!

Hope things are going well! I'm forcing myself to get in a plane this summer and if I survive the ordeal I'm sure I'll be encouraged to go on more planes in the future. Specifically, ones heading in your direction. I miss you.

screamwithme said...

also, i hate blogspot for not having some alert-of-comment notifying strategy.

i do want to come visit. we'll watch anaconda together, and play the game where you take a drink every time jon voight is ugly. it'll be AWESOME.