Thursday, February 12, 2009

David Vitter to be Haunted by the Ghost of Asshole Deeds Past

As a staunch right-winger, Senator David Vitter of Louisana is super for guns and abstinence only education; he's hardcore against the GLBT community, abortion, and funding for education. He loves family values so he also is anti sex work, unless of course he gets to be included, "Hot sex and no consequences for me?!?! I'm in!"

Hoping all interest in his prostitution scandal died along with the DC Madam, he's been looking forward to probably getting to win his seat again in the 2010 election without much fuss. I can only imagine his delight when he found out about his new possible opponent, Stormy Daniels, porno actress, director, and screenwriter extraordinaire. Vitter is quite possibly her best choice of opponent (Larry Craig is a close #2), as she won't have to deal with any pesky discussions of the obvious #1 republican complaint aimed at sex workers (yet not those benefiting from their work), "family values." His hands are tied, as he won't be able to make too many objections about her line of work if he wants to keep pretending he's not a grade-A shitbag. Another less loaded argument against her might be that she doesn't have much political experience. Now, I know that she's not running for governor so experience is a little more important, but she is articulate, cares about supporting women in business, and we're all rooting for Stuart Smally up in Minnesota, so why not give her a legit shot?

Below you can watch CNN super genius interview Ms. Daniels and insult her by asking if being drafted to run against Vitter was some sort of plan to humiliate the senator. Y'know because sex work is grody, taboo, and totz shameful. She pointed out his fail by quipping, "I don't see how I could possibly embarrass him more than he's already embarrassed himself." Also not to be missed is when she turns the legitimacy questions around and puts Vitters appropriateness on the spot by pointing out that she is open and honest about her sexual activity and also doesn't do anything illegal. Sweet! Low Point? She has an off-handed way of putting herself and her profession down, although, during other moments she seems totally proud...wavering under the tittering of her moronic interviewer no doubt.

If I were a Louisianan I'd consider voting for her. I'd need to see a stronger stance on issues, but I'd bet dollars to donuts that she's all about k-12 age appropriate sex education, funding family planning, and supporting a women's right to choose. Plus anti-censorship. All wins in my book. What about youse?

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