Monday, February 9, 2009

The News Finally Calls It What It Is: R&B Star Chris Brown Faces Felony Charges for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

Either the news media felt my stink eye, or this case is a lot more cut and dry for their taste. But whatever the reason CNN, People Magazine, The New York Times, and others are reporting that Chris Brown was arrested and being investigated for domestic violence battery, most likely (though not yet confirmed) against his girlfriend Rihanna. Both were scheduled to perform at the Grammys last night, but both canceled. Her reps blame a car accident for what some are saying are bruises on her face, though that isn't fooling FOX News. FOX gets a special shout out today for covering this attack in the most obscene way possible for mainstream news. Their aptly "clever" title for this story, "Grammy Night: Hits and Hitting" really sums up the way in which their lack of tact is not just reserved for talking about liberal whiny pants. They go onto describe the "brutal altercation" as one that "possibly" caused "a broken nose and/or jaw." Then they later call it a "domestic dispute." How can one source be equally minimizing and sensationalizing at the same time? Perhaps the bigger question here is why did I even think that looking at FOX News was legitimate? I'd also like to point out that MSNBC was pretty into hemming and hawing around using the term domestic violence as well. So the "mainstream cable news award for accurately and unapologetically reporting on domestic violence" goes to CNN! Congrats for not being entirely worthless sometimes!

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