Monday, February 16, 2009

Hello Kitty Ups the Ante

Just when I thought Hello Kitty couldn't possibly do anything to market to me any harder, I find this advertisement for her new MAC make-up line:

ZOMG! Also, I would like to wear that dress 24/7...and have my hair done like that, I don't see how either would go against the work dress code (seriously, it says nothing about tulle or pigtails). Also with eyeshadow called "Too Dolly," lipgloss named "Big Bow," and glittereyeliner with the moniker "Glittlerpuss," it's a wonder I'm still sitting here writting this and not out selling some bone marrow so I can get my paws on all this glitz. Check out the whole line here. It's always fun to see new and creative make-up lines, and I appreciate that MAC isn't letting the recession keep them from producing redonkulously priced specialty items. In unrelated news, is anyone out there willing to buy me a 40 dollar eyeshadow quad with a picture of a cartoon cat on it? Anyone?

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